eat that little green tree!

by prash on 08 Apr 2005

continuing my series on orthorexia, i discovered something today that made me very happy (and being orthorexic, i automatically felt a feeling of superiority over other meat and non-vegetable eaters).
did you know that a medium stalk of broccoli (about 3 florets) contains 5g of fiber and 5g of protein with virtually no fat or cholesterol? well, i have been eating about twice this quantity everyday for the last month and i feel great and am losing weight a la jared!
of course broccoli’s history brings to mind that famous new yorker cartoon by e.b.white(who preferred to remain anonymous):
but i say steam it, add madras curry powder to it or, heck, even just drown it in vodka, but have some of it whenever you can. it do you good.
yay for broccoli!

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