the grouse struck one, the clock ran down …

by prash on 14 Apr 2005

no, i haven’t forgotten the nursery rhyme. just updated it for our modern times:

what at first glance looks like an alien, wheeled-mouse, is infact mit media lab research associate, gauri nanda’s newest creation. hit the snooze button on “the clocky” and this locomotive ‘larm clock takes off and hides in a corner of the room.

Clocky will roll off the bedside table and wheel away, bumping mindlessly into objects on the floor until it eventually finds a spot to rest. Minutes later, when the alarm sounds again, the sleeper must get up out of bed and search for Clocky. This ensures that the person is fully awake before turning it off. Small wheels that are concealed by Clocky’s shag enable it to move and reposition itself, and an internal processor helps it find a new hiding spot every day.

i don’t know about this, but like one guy says, what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom is the quintessential snooze button, and i like it within my arms reach dammit! i can just picture myself in the morning grabbing the nearest pillows (note plural: myself needs more than one … but that is a separate blog …) and hurling them around one by one until i clock this monster (oh yes: that was intended).
snoozing is my birthright and i shall have it!

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