never the first time … ever

by prash on 11 Jul 2005

i am not really the type of person who likes to keep complaining (wait, who am i kidding? whine! whine!! whine!!! 🙂 ), but there is something unique about my experiences with anything remotely technical:

5 minute install of wordpress? no sirreeee! it will take me 2 days of figuring out to realise that i just had to have that latest version of mysql and so now wordpress has trouble with new style passwords. i bet less than 0.01% of the human population working with this would have had trouble with that but yours sincerely makes up most of that %.
quick and easy import of blogger into wordpress? of course not. the regular (and obviously easy) method of using ftp publishing which someone was kind enough to explain (that too USING SCREENSHOTS for crying out loud!) will not work. (why? because it’s i, prash, why else) so i have to hunt down an alternative and more painful process to do the same thing.
i could go on and on, but you don’t have the time to hear me whine – wait, of course you do – you got it all working the first time didn’t you? so sit down and listen!
whine …
whine …
complain …
complain …

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