by prash on 24 Jul 2005

what’s the title all about? as soon as i finish one harry potter novel, i take it upon myself to inform the world of the order in which i rank them all. so there you have it: 3, 5, 6, 2, 4, 1.
it took me a little longer than i thought to finish this tome and i can only blame my workload, but anyway, a quick review is in order. without going too much into the main plot lines: year 6 sees a more mature harry who is closely guided by good old dumbledore as they delve deeper into the mysterious past of the dark lord (then tom riddle). an item belonging to a certain “half-blood-prince” turns up in harry’s possession and helps him much. while there is also a bit of teenage romance in the air and the quintessential quidditch match, as the series comes to an end, it is becoming more and more obvious that rowling would like to fade these other distractions to the background and keep the impending confrontation between harry and voldemort uppermost in the readers’ minds. the hunt is on. but 2007 is far away, so meanwhile, as the viewers say in the end of the truman show, “what else is on?”

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