A House That Costs Nothing to Run

by prash on 29 Sep 2005

BusinessWeek profiles an interesting house that is literally self-sufficient.
Moomaw House Plan

Meet the Moomaws. Their goal is to build a retirement home in New England that will produce as much electricity as it consumes.
Building the home will be no small task. The couple, who have two children in their thirties, have spent the past year calculating all of the details, translating each and every component of their home life into a complex energy-arithmetic problem.
Starting with how much power they can create with the 63 solar panels they’ll be installing on the roof, they’ve examined exactly what level of insulation the house will need, the precise position where it must sit on the lot to get optimal heat from sunlight in the winter, and even the right model of dishwasher and brand of light bulbs.

The full story is also on yahoo biz.

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