keep laughing, daddy!

by prash on 10 Apr 2006

when my dad first told me he had started a ritual of waking up early in the morning, jogging to a nearby park and laughing out loud for no apparent reason, i thought the time had come to call the people in the white coats. but when year after year his health started to improve, his weight came under check and the size of his laughing-coterie increased, i realised he was onto something.

the mini forest laughter club began as a small exercise in putting into practice the adage of laughter being the best tonic. today it is practised in multiple locations across bangalore and many other cities.

the washington post has an article on the bangalore mini forest laughter club and my dad is proudly featured as one of the laugh-leaders:

After the introductory bout of “executive laughter,” the group warms up with more-traditional yogic routines. Led at first by K.R.L. Narayanan, a 59-year-old chemist in khakis and running shoes, they rub their abdomens in a circular motion while repeating “Om,” the sacred Hindu mantra, then extend their tongues and pant like dogs.

Then the laughers step up the pace, running toward one another and slapping high-fives, clapping and marching in circles like soldiers in formation. “Go for the mobile jog!” commands Narayanan, urging the group into a gentle trot.

kudos daddy! continue to spread the laughter.

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