DreamHostApps Will Host Your Blog And Other Web Applications For Free

by prash on 10 Feb 2009

Dreamhost has launched a new product called DreamHostApps that will host your web applications like a blog or wiki freely for life if you sign up during their beta period. There are currently about 8500 more people they will let in as of this writing.

You can bring your own domain or even sign up for a dreamhost subdomain for free. While your bandwidth and storage are limited, it is a great deal for beginners who are just experimenting with these applications.

The following applications are currently supported:

  1. Blog: WordPress (is there any other?!)
  2. Content management: Drupal
  3. Photos: ZenPhoto
  4. Bulletin Board / Forum: phpBB
  5. Wiki: MediaWiki

DreamHost Apps also supports Google Apps so you can have email, calendar etc. for your domain.

Give it a shot and let me know how you like it! But hurry: only 8500 more allowed as of now and the invites are going fast!

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